Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did you know...

Eating grains, legumes, and dairy cause inflammation in your body because your body actually identifies portions of them as foreign? You can reduce inflammation by removing these things from your food; however, it takes about 30 days to allow your gut to heal from the damage that grains, legumes, and dairy cause. Are you ready to try it for 30 days? Try the Whole 30 program from the Whole 9 as a challenge.

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  1. -The Whole 30 program was actually a huge turning point for me. After 30days of stripping away the inflammatory foods and all possible means of sugar/processes foods is when I truly felt the difference. The 30days has to be true and is amble time for your body to clear out toxins and then, only then after trying that you can feel out bringing back foods or not depending on how they now make you feel when re-introducing them. After my 30days I chose to continue to eat clean, and now I do not miss the sugar or bread.