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New Paleo Resource: Eat to Evolve

I'd like to introduce those of you that live in the Philly or Main Line Area to a new local Paleo resource, Eat to Evolve.  For those of you that are Paleo or thinking about going Paleo this could be a great resource for you.  Eat to Evolve focuses on delivering high quality Paleo meals to your door - so for those of you that want to try Paleo but can't cook or don't have the time...this could be the perfect solution for you.

Roger Dickerman is owner and trainer at the "anti-gym" Relentless Fitness Studio located in Center City Philadelphia on 10th Street between Locust and Spruce.  Roger is passionate about fitness and about the fuel that you put in your body to create optimal fitness.  His passion is contagious, and when you talk with him and work with him you'll feel the energy and passion that he has to help you reach optimal health.  He believes that you are in control of you, but realistically wants to help you reach that best version of you through training and diet. He had a vision to help make Paleo Foods more accessible and easier to find in the main stream.  He partnered with JPM Catering and Main Line Delivery to bring his vision of accessible Paleo food that can be conveniently delivered to your door! 

Check out my interview with Roger sharing more about what Eat to Evolve is, and be sure to check out their website.
What is Eat to Evolve in 25 words or less?

RD: Philadelphia-based healthy fresh food delivery service emphasizing freshness, quality, and taste. Customers place orders by Thursday to receive food for the entire week on Monday.

Take a look at some of our foods pictured here:

What inspired you to create Eat to Evolve?
RD: The short answer: I see the real magic in proper nutrition.
The long answer begins with that word again: "magic". Today we see "magic pills" marketed to us with disturbing frequency. They are things like acai berry and cleanse products and protein supplements. Ad after ad tells us about their wide-ranging benefits: increased energy, weight loss, gains in lean muscle mass. The reality is that there are no true "magic pills" and that shortcuts of this nature usually lead to nowhere.
Back to my inspiration: real magic. Trends in marketing obscure the surest way to improve your health and quality of life: real, whole nutrition.

How did your background contribute to creating Eat to Evolve?
RD: My background is that of a personal fitness trainer.
Two years ago I began offering an 8-week Transformation program, which combined exercise and nutrition to change lives. I had high hopes, but the end result far exceeded them. I've seen 40+ pounds lost. 12% body-fat dropped from someone who started at 21%. 6 inches lost from a waist that began at 32. Pre-diabetic blood-work improve to normal. Diabetic (Type II) blood-work improve to normal. The sky was the limit. I've seen two Transformers move on to lose over 100 pounds. Powerful stuff.
The key was the nutrition. Those who adhered to the nutrition side hit home runs. Those who didn't hit singles. It was that simple.
Want to know the best part? Not one single supplement or "magic pill" was part of the program. Not one.

What do you mean by Optimal Nutrition? Why should I care about Optimal Nutrition?
RD: You should care because it will change your life forever.
My definition of Optimal Nutrition is not the same as many others. My definition is rooted in Ancestral Health.
The chain of logic goes like this. We've had an obesity epidemic for a little while. Now we have a diabetes epidemic on our hands. There is no historical precedent for these conditions. The bottom line is that we're doing something wrong today. What was working before? How has that changed to negatively impact our health?
If anyone reading this is interested and wants to take an hour to understand Ancestral Health, watch this: You won't be sorry.
If you don't have an hour, the cliff notes are as follows: eat quality meats, seafood, fresh veggies, fruits, good oils/fats, and some nuts/seeds. Eliminate as much dairy, grains, sugars, processed foods and oils as possible.

What is your definition of Paleo?
RD: To me Paleo means respecting what you put in your body. It means fueling your body to look, feel, and perform the best it possibly can. It means understanding that you are today what you ate yesterday.
Paleo is such a personal journey. I believe in finding your own way.
Everyone in the Paleo camp can agree on some fundamentals: ditch processed foods and oils, sugars, and grains.
Beyond that test, test, test. Some may benefit from controversial categories like quality dairy, potatoes, and nuts. Others won't. But at that point, we're talking about the last 10%.

What type of people will benefit from Eat to Evolve?
RD: It starts with the people who respect what I've said thus far and understand (or wish to test) the power of real nutrition.
It continues with the people who crave convenience, time efficiency, quality and taste.

  • Convenience means getting food for your entire week delivered in one shot.
  •  Time efficiency means not having to shop for it yourself, prepare it yourself and package it yourself.
  •  Quality means trusting that each and every ingredient is top notch (grass fed, free range, local, seasonal, etc.)
  •  Taste means actually enjoying the food and work of a top notch chef. We're not talking boiled chicken here.

You mentioned testing. In what ways can someone test the benefits of Eat to Evolve?
RD: Great question. At the end of the day, it's all about self experimentation and finding out what works best for you.
I recommend a 4-week challenge of using Eat to Evolve as 90+% of the food that you consume. Why not 1-week? Removing things like sugar from your regular diet is a big deal! Sugar is addictive, and it will take your body a little time to get over the hump. But when you do, the reward is tremendous.

Before you begin your 4-weeks, take as many markers of health as possible. Pictures and weight are easy. Take circumference measurements of your chest, waist, and hips using measuring tape. Take your body-fat percentage. If you're feeling ambitious, take a blood test.

Repeat some or all at the halfway mark and then at the close. What happened?

What's your favorite food from Eat to Evolve?
RD: Turkey burgers with carrot-apple slaw. The burgers are really well seasoned and the slaw offsets the meat perfectly. Now I'm officially hungry...

How does it work - how do I order, when do I get my meals, how are they delivered to me? RD: Order online at
Place your order by midnight Tuesday and have your food arrive on Monday (you can postpone delivery if necessary).  Food arrives at your door bagged and separated into environmentally friendly clear plastic containers.  Refrigerate and eat!

When does Eat to Evolve launch?
RD: We're excited!  The first food delivery for the season is scheduled for Monday, September 12th. The ordering window for the following Monday, September 19th opens today!

Anything else you'd like to add, comment on, send as a message to your target audience?
RD: In my mind some of the most beneficial businesses are created to fill a real need. This service is something that I desperately wanted myself and something that I eat on a weekly basis.
I practice what I preach, I love it and I think you will too!
We are at the beginning of what I hope to be a long, happy journey for Eat to Evolve. Please help us serve you better by sending your feedback into You will have a real say in how this food service "evolves".

Want to have a real conversation about Eat to Evolve?
RD: Readers of Laura's blog can call me personally at 215.880.5966.

My last words are a huge thank you to Laura Pappas for allowing me to talk to you all, for her amazing work as a rising star in the fitness world, and for being a kindred spirit in the search for the perfect human diet!

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