Monday, September 12, 2011

Learn How Gluten is Sneaking into YOUR Diet

You think you're eating clean and staying clear of gluten in your diet.  However, gluten is a sneaky thing and you may be avoiding the obvious gluten containing foods like bread, pasta, and cookies, but have you thought about all the places gluten may be hiding in the food that you do eat?  Did you know that there is gluten in soy sauce?  Have you thought about cross-contamination at restaurants or from another person in your house that is not gluten free? 

It's valuable to learn about all the places that gluten could be sneaking into your diet if you are avoiding gluten or following a lifestyle that includes being gluten free.  This information is particularly valuable for anyone that has Celiac Disease, or is Gluten Intolerant, but I also think that it's worth understanding where gluten is hiding and how you may still be getting exposed to it for anyone that is looking for better health.  Avoiding gluten is one of the things on my top 10 list of things to change to make you healthier - regardless of who you are or how you currently eat.

Check out Jennifer Fugo's FREE teleclass on Wednesday September 14th at 7pm where she will walk you through 5 ways that gluten is still sneaking into you diet. Not sure if you can make the call - no big deal, as long as you sign up you will be able to listen to the recording and you'll be eligible to win some free stuff.  Got 2 minutes, watch this quick video to learn a tip about gluten contamination in your own home, and meet Jennifer.

Why should you sign up for this class?  Why not, I'm signed up - I am always looking for opportunities to learn more about how gluten could be sneaking into my food so that I can avoid it and minimize my exposure to gluten.  If you're following a Paleo/Primal lifestyle you may THINK you are gluten free, but might not realize where you still may be getting exposed to gluten.  I think everyone can benefit from being gluten free, and this call will help you understand all of the place to look for it!

Jennifer Fugo is a certified health coach through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and has been Named by Philadelphia Magazine as a Gluten Free Guru.  She has successfully overhauled her diet and lifestyle after learning of her own intolerance to gluten, casein, and eggs and works with her clients to help busy, constantly on-the-go individuals a system of eating and living that best suites them. 

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