Friday, August 26, 2011

My New Favorite Paleo Stuff!

All of you that are part of the Paleo community know how important it is to support it, in one of my posts a few weeks ago I talked about how Paleo is becoming more and more mainsteam.  A few weeks ago was the first Ancestral Health Symposium, AHS, which was a Paleo/Primal focused gathering of all of the amazing minds that are helping to push the movement forward and share all of the benefits of a Paleo life. 

The great news is that the AHS was a success and they are already planning the next one for 2012, and the even better news for me is that instead of it being out in California again, 2012 is going to be on the east coast.  There was so much amazing information shared in AHS and I wanted to share with you how you can go and watch the recorded lectures here.  I am working on watching them all, but take a look and see what's interesting to you.  I'm already a huge a fan of Robb Wolf, Mark Sission, the Whole 9, and Nell Stephenson (who have videos that you can watch from the AHS as well as their own blogs and books) but I also learned about a lot of other bloggers that are out there in Paleo land that are doing great work.  I wanted to share some of these new resources with you, they'll be added to my list of blogs as well.

Order The Book!The Food Lover's Pirmal Palate - is written by an amazing couple that is 100% (well basically) Paleo, and they are based in PA!  They are on the other end of the state, but reading their blog and learning more about their cookbook that is currently on Pre-Release at has left me feeling instantly connected with them.  Take a look at their blog and what they are doing, and definitely reserve a copy of their cookbook today - the images and recipes look amazing and staying true to the Paleo theme should be easy to make.  I pre-ordered my copy already, grab yours too.

CaveGirl Eats - another close to home blogger who works out at Crossfit Tribe, which for those who don't know is right over the bridge in NJ and is the home gym of Steve's Club.  She's got a great perspective, sense of humor, and takes Paleo beyond just food and also addresses how you can be more Paleo with your body care!  I've added CaveGril Eats to my regular blog roll and am hoping to run into her at one of the many Crossfit events coming up this fall.

A few more blogs that landed on my radar from the AHS are Nom Nom Paleo and FitBomb, add these guys to your reading list and let me know what you like!  What else do you read that you think I should be checking out?


  1. Yay! Liz (of Cave Girl Eats) and I are starting a podcast - check it out for more paleo/primal fun!

  2. @ Diane thanks for sharing. I'll make sure to download it today to listen to if the power goes out from Hurrican Irene.